HIITCAST 040 - Muscle protein concepts and application with Dr. Sarah Everman, Part 1

September 21, 2018

HIITCAST episode 40! This is such a special interview! I hang out with my good friend Dr. Sarah Everman, a muscle physiologist with specific focus on muscle protein synthesis. We talk about dietary protein, aging and sarcopenia, and of course - we break down some serious bro-science about muscle health! But best of all - Sarah leaves us with the ultimate cliff-hanger at the end that demands a part two interview for closure haha! You're going to love this episode and how full-on science it gets!


HIITCAST 039 - Muscle physiology with Dr. Andy Galpin

September 14, 2018

THIS IS THE 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EPISODE OF HIITCAST! To celebrate, I go ALL OUT and bring on Dr. Andy Galpin, one of the leading muscle physiology researchers, and we talk about his research in MMA fighters, muscle fiber type bro science, and where things are going in muscle physiology research!


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HIITCAST 038 - Finding balance with carbs

September 7, 2018

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In this special episode, I'm joined by Haley Hughes, MS, RD, CDE, CF-L1 from RDRX Nutrition! Haley recently transitioned from hospital dietetics to her own private practice and we talk about the freedom to create and educate on her terms, we debate ketogenic diets, and I take the time to ask Haley (a certified diabetes educator) a few questions about diabetes, carbs, and some practical tips that you listeners can take away to stay healthy!


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HIITCAST 037 - Insights on youth athletics

August 31, 2018

In this special episode of HIITCAST, I flew down to Phoenix where I met up with Coach Alex to talk all about her expertise in working with youth athletes! We answer direct questions from HIITCAST listeners about resistance training vs growth plates, we chat about the emotional maturity of kids to lift weights, common sports nutrition and supplement questions, and all sorts of other wisdom and insights about working with youth athletes! 




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HIITCAST 036 - The value of sports psychology!

August 24, 2018

In this special episode of HIITCAST, I'm joined by the two coolest people in sports psychology: Dr. Vanessa and Kyler Kercher! Dr. Vanessa Kercher has her PhD in exercise physiology and sports psychology, and Kyle Kercher has his Master's degree in exercise science with a concentration in sports psychology as well as a whole bunch of personal training, wellness coaching and strength and conditioning certifications!


I've known Vanessa since around 2012, and her and Kyle are the ultimate power couple in sports psychology! We talk about weight loss approaches and theories, athlete motivation techniques and strategies, and mental skills and new client consultations!  


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HIITCAST 035 - Fitness is meant to be fun!

August 17, 2018

I'm joined by the ONE AND ONLY Marlo Fisken! Her philosophy on movement, her mindset toward fitness, and her creative athleticism has awarded her world renown! She and I hang out and chat about how outcome-based fitness so often fails, and why value-based fitness is the jackpot! Particularly we talk about the value and timelessness of fun and play! 


I challenge you to think of new ways that you can be creative with your workouts! How can you make fun a primary goal? Think about it and let me know what you come up with!


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HIITCAST 034 - Redefining “fitness”

August 12, 2018

There's a movement revolution growing, and shifting paradigms across traditional fitness platforms. I sat down with some of the coolest people I know and talked with them about how they're redefining fitness and providing movement workshops in their gym.


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HIITCAST 033 - Committing to weight loss & figure comp prep: Interview with Christina Tamerlano

August 3, 2018

In this episode, I speak with health professional and NPC figure competitor, Christina Tamerlano about her insights and personal journey of going from 192 lbs to being stage ready for figure competitions. We talk about the commitment it takes to prepare for stage readiness, the difference between weight loss and fat loss and where a lot of people get frustrated when the scale doesn't budge, and some fun stories we've encountered in the gym with trainers.

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Here are the references to the fish oil articles I mentioned: 

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HIITCAST 032 - Athlete nutrition with Lynnsee Moberg, MS, RD, CSSD

July 27, 2018

Reach Lynnsee at lynnsee.moberg@gmail.com if you're interested in some of her meal plans!


In this episode, Adam and I talk to my good friend Lynnsee, who has her master's degree, RD licensure, and CSSD certification, and works with elite athletes and air force active duty to prepare them for top nutrition. She's mastered the art and science of athletic meal plans so I invited her to the show to ask her how she does it, and her personal criteria for a successful meal plan! She sets the record straight that she's not making menus or sending cookie cutter plans, but makes it about the client and their behaviors and reasons behind their food habits. 


We debunk the myth about "eating carbs after dark". Do night-time carbs store as fat easier? We tackle that one in our bro science bullshit segment, as well as other valuable nutrition tips throughout the episode!


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HIITCAST 031: Optimal rates of exercise for sustained, long-term weight loss

June 22, 2018

I had the amazing opportunity at the recent ACSM annual conference to hangout with Dr. Danielle Ostendorf and chat about her research regarding the optimal amount, and type of exercise for long-term weight loss! We talk about diabetes, the role of nutrition in weight loss, how amazing it is for long-term success to simply go on daily walks, and motivation strategies for weight loss. It's all golden stuff here!


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Here's the link to the diabetes article I mention in the podcast: