HIITCAST 054 - Strength and Conditioning with Chase Sanders

February 11, 2019
Chase is a long-time friend of mine from our undergrad days. Since then, he's worked hard in college athletics and is now the head strength and conditioning coach at Cal Poly Pamona! We talk about how he got into S&C, social media's influence on youth and college athletes, and his philosophy toward progressing his athletes toward their desired strength and power. Chase is an all-around cool dude, and you're going to love his insights!
This episode of HIITCAST is brought to you by Stunning Strength: The Science and Application Behind Women's Fitness! Learn about lifting heavy and how your muscles work with real exercise science! Most research out there is conducted on college-aged males, so 100% of the profits from this online course will be donated annually to the Rocky Mountain chapter of the ACSM toward funding future exercise research among female participants!

HIITCAST 053 - What is Fitness? With Dr. Nathan Jenkins

January 26, 2019
Have you ever critically thought about what fitness means to you? ...Should that definition be different from person to person, or should exercise scientists and the fitness industry have a unified understanding?
Dr. Jenkins, PhD exercise physiologist, wrote an article in the CrossFit Journal (read it here: https://journal.crossfit.com/article/science-jenkins .... for real, READ IT) citing how many exercise science organizations have differing understandings, criteria and definitions of the simple word: "Fitness".
We discuss the CrossFit definition of fitness by Greg Glassman, and it's beautiful simplicity in its physics based math. And this leads me to a handful of lightbulb moments!
And we spend a lot of time talking about some of the amazing research coming out of his lab :)

HIITCAST 052 - Bruce Pitcher

January 19, 2019
Bruce Pitcher is an inspirational dude. He lost over 200 lbs, and has taken his insights and experiences and wrote his own book, and became a coach and source of inspiration for so many more. In this episode of HIITCAST, I ask Bruce what weight loss strategies have worked and other strategies that are bogus based on his experiences, what it took/what he had to sacrifice in order to achieve such transformative weight loss, and he inspires us with his explanation of a major key to weight loss: Integrity!
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HIITCAST 051 - The Best of 2018

January 2, 2019
In this episode, I reflect on the best bits of HIITCAST this past year. I talk about how my perspective on quality coaching has shifted, the analytics of the top 5 most listened to episodes, and I answer some listener questions about which diet is best!
Thank you to all of you listeners who made 2018 such a successful year for HIITCAST! This past year, I've found my voice with this podcast, had some absolutely incredible interviews, and made a ton of friends!

HIITCAST 050 - Christie Charleston, RDN CPT

December 21, 2018

In this episode, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Christie Charleston joins me and chats about carb-phobia among endurance athletes, how to identify problematic foods, and about her YouTube channel to educate and entertain!


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HIITCAST 049 - Iron Crew Athletics: CrossFit and Exercise Performance with Danny Burde

December 15, 2018

In this episode, I am joined by Danny Burde, the guy who has taken his 5am CrossFit class to the next level by giving that workout time its own brand, podcast, and community: Iron Crew Athletics! Danny is a motivating fitness professional and gives us a glimpse into his passion into managing and instructing fitness, and how he operates in his gym. We talk about slamming protein immediately after a workout, and whether it's as evidence-based of a practice as gym culture would have you believe!


HIITCAST 048 - Fitness Trends and New Years Prep

November 30, 2018

For this episode I'm joined by Rachel Pastor, owner of Fitness Festival Events and her own gym, Lifted, where we enjoy a nice kombucha and discuss the fitness trends we've seen. In preparation for New Years, we discuss the criteria you should look for in finding a good trainer!


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HIITCAST 047 - Little Lyss Fitness!

November 23, 2018

PhD student, dear friend, and fellow metabolism researcher, Alyssa Olenick joins me on the show! We talk about the greatest supplement on earth - caffeine, and its effect on exercise performance and weight loss, the perception people have on fitness professionals, and her new work and ebook ENDURE, which you should all totally buy! And I shamelessly plug my new course: Stunning Strength: The Science and Application Behind Women's Muscle, which you can enroll in here: bit.ly/stunningstrength


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HIITCAST 046 - Nutrition Philosophies and Online Coaching with Jen Kat

November 11, 2018
My dear friend Jen joins me on the show and tells us her story, and how she got started as a successful fitness professional!

🤣🤣 We crack up over, and break down myths about counting calories and generalized "ideal weight" expectations in this episode's "Bro Science Bullshit"!

And we chat about nutrition philosophies and common questions, and I shamelessly promote my upcoming course "Stunning Strength: The Strength and Application Behind Women's Muscle"

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HIITCAST 045 - Physical + Mental Health

November 2, 2018

In this episode, I'm joined by friend and fellow online trainer Whitney Raybould, and we talk about how you can cope and handle the stresses of depression and anxiety with the help of exercise.

Whitney describes her journey in health and fitness after she had her first child and discovering how postpartum depression is very real, very normal and can totally creep up on you without you even realizing it. Now she specializes in coaching moms understand how pregnancy and postpartum physiology can appropriately match to fitness!


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